A day for interconnection with our fellow human and earth


Flowering yellow

Happiness in a long stem

Calmly in a storm



Last night we spent the evening in a small town up the California north coast. Rain and huge waves crashing ashore created a soothing lullaby.  Have you ever fallen asleep to the sounds of the ocean waves? I highly recommend it. Your mind rocks back and forth as the waves come slowly and then quickly onto the shore.  Sure, you can play a white noise soundtrack on your iPod at night. Nothing, however, can compare to hearing mother nature talk to you herself. Lying there in bed you can focus on each incoming wave and hear when the water bathes the earth.

Today, we awaken refresh and in sync with the world’s rhythms.

This morning present a general wish for well-being, joy, wisdom and power. A day for reflection on what it means to be interconnected with our fellow human and earth.



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  1. Just having returned from snowy, calm & icy mountains at the German-Czech border, I very well understand and appreciate your insights on water which does not only clean our mind in its fluid costume because winter has arrived finally here in the Northern hemisphere, and the month of January (dedicated to the ancient god Janus with 2 faces) is really one of my favourite months in the year.


  2. A beautiful blog and thought to start the day. It is amazing how hearing and being near the sea can change our whole mindset and energy. Thank you for posting.

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  3. I have fallen asleep to waves. due to a lucky accident. The air conditioning didn’t work in my condo in Hawaii, So we opened the door in the upstairs bedroom. It was wonderful!


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