It is Always a Year of Firsts: Even for a Fat Burger


Today my son had his first ferris wheel ride. When he got back down to Earth he squeeled uncontrollably as he noted “that was awesome”. And in that moment I was reminded of one of the great delights of having a child-especially one that loves the world. As we get older, how many firsts do we get to experience? Well, probably more than what we give ourselves credit for. A point to which I will return momentarily. Back to my son. I’d wager that everyday he experiences something new as he is still finding his footing in the world. To watch someone delight in a new experience sends one’s heart aflutter. This past year I got to watch him fly a kite for the first time. I heard him utter new words I had no idea that he knew. He also performed in a musical production. Too cute.

As for me, I had many firsts in 2015. I have them all the time. We all have them all the time. Problem is we no longer notice these firsts unless they are something grand. I had several grand firsts this past year. For instance, I went to South Dakota, Idaho, and Montana for the first time. Of course, I did these state trips in order to reach my mega goal of having been to all 50 states in the US. I also visited an active volcano for the first time. I was recruited for a major job for the first time. I wrote a whole grant by myself (every part). I survived it and did it repeatedly thereafter. Perhaps that was not a good precedent to set.


But I did small things for the first time as well. I drank kale juice and it was ok. I am still not going to order a kale salad. I held a taser for the first time.  Luckily I didn’t have to use it sine I have no idea how to.  I rode Uber on my own (now I use it about 5 times a week). I also ecstatically ate street truck tacos. One of the few things from San Francisco I miss.  I took the bus in Los Angeles all on my own. Many thought I was crazy but it was good overall and I was super proud of myself for accomplishing that small task.


Its the small and large things alike that make our day to day. Each are important in terms of our individual building blocks. So, lets remember as best we can each day has something new that adds to our lives. Even the really tiny things, whatever they may be.


Today, I ate my first Fat Burger. I had passed the drive thru many times and had wondered about it but never taking the chance. Today, I did. And Indeed it was fat. Now I know. Another first in my life pocket.


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