What’s up with the tight pants and heels at the airport?

A few weeks back the singer Iggy Azalea made headlines -well Huffington Post headlines which we all know they are starving for content. Anyway, the Huffington Post head noted that Iggy Azalea wore “A Skintight, Low-Cut Top To The Airport.”  And we care, why?  Well, since  brought this up I will answer it.  It actually doesn’t matter what Iggy or any other celebrity wears to the airport.  Sadly, magazines do not agree with me and they have sections now devoted to showcasing what celebrities wear to the airport noting that it is as much fun as watching them at the red carpet. Any red carpet. 

This all reminds me of my younger days when my family would get super dressed up to to the airport. Just picking someone up at the airport meant getting all dolled up. My family didn’t travel much when I was younger. There were trips back and forth of various extended family members between New York and Puerto Rico. When those trips occurred, we all put on our fancy clothes, piled into the car to pick up so and so.

When I had my first major flight from New York to Spain, that was a momentous occasion. I was going to live abroad as a teenager. That was just unheard of in my South Bronx neighborhood. I got a special blue jean dress with a cute belt. I remember that dress so well.  I remember also how uncomfortable I felt on the long flight. I remember feeling stiff in my seat. I also remember staining my dress. I was then just as much of a klutz as I am now.  What was I thinking? Upon landing in Spain and checking into my hostel, the dress was discarded. Junked. There went my fancy look.

Ever since then, I dress for comfort and not for looks. Admittedly even in my comfortable clothes I look good as I am usually in some vibrantly colored attire. However, you will never find me in heels. You will never find me in tight pants that will add to the circulation problems we all face on planes.  You will not find me in just a low-cut top as I tend to get cold up in the air. I wear comfortable flats so that I may run if I need to catch a flight.  I wear baggy clothes so that I am not stiff upon landing. I like to land and hit the proverbial road. I walk, jump and skip immediately upon leaving a plane and I can do so because I wore comfortable clothes.  I don’t wear my contacts preferring to wear eye glasses so that my eyes can breathe.  Oh, I also wear socks so that I can walk through the security without my toes touching that cold icky floor.

Occasionally, I do have to wear my business attire if I have to go straight to a meeting.  I do make sure it is a looser-fitting dress and I still wear comfortable flats and carry my heels with me.  No one is going to see me at the airport anyway.

Considering that air travel these days is so crazy, claustrophobic, and combative at times, go loose and ready to just roll with the flying beat. Even Lady Gaga, occasionally leaves the meat dress at home and goes for comfort.

2014-05-14 15.36.27

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  1. Whenever I fly, and that’s a rarity these days, I’m in sweats and sneakers. I can’t imagine wearing anything uncomfortable while on a flight.


  2. I find myself wanting to wear nothing that draws attention. I had a nightmare years ago in Sweden because I looked too “west coast” therefore I must have weed, coke, something on my person. Their humiliating search made me miss my plane and my sister’s wedding?!


  3. I, too, remember when flying was a big deal. Just wish I could remember my very first flight. Right now, I only recall that it was a big event for our family since it was the first for all four of us. Need to call my mom, anyway, just to check up on her. She usually has a memory like an elephant for this sort of detail.

    Anyway, like you, it soon got to be old hat for me, since I also did a lot of business flying, which brings to mind memories of TWA’s business class to St. Louis. Since I made those trips with colleagues, I felt I had to wear business clothes, which in those days meant “power suits” for us gals.

    I also thought of Lady Gaga’s apparel as an example of travel in comfortable clothes! Hope you are having (or had) a good trip yourself.


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