My son finally found out I Am the boss

As I hung out with my son encouraging him to fall asleep, he asked me “will you be here in the morning when I get up?” I thought that was strange and assured him that of course I would be there. I asked him why he was asking me that. He then noted that on Tuesday morning when he got up, he looked for me everwhere and I wasn’t there. I reminded him he overslept that morning and I had to go into work. He rolled over and closed his eyes. I had a feeling however that there was more to this.
I patted his head. He then turned over and asked me “why do you go into work mom?”  Oh no, I thought. I feared him asking why I worked. He was in a new school and a new city. Was this anxiety bubbling up? I said to him that mommy needs to work. He then noted that he knew that. “Ok. So, what are you asking baby?” He sat up and asked “why do you need to go into work? Wh can’t you work from home.” Ah, ok. Got it.
I then explained to him that I was the boss and I needed to go into work to provide direction. He sat further up and looked at me and asked “wait, you are the boss? Who is above you?” I then explained that there is no one above me and that I am the boss. He grabbed my head and kissed me. “Wow mommy that must be hard.” To which I answered you have no idea. The day I had just had was not for the faint of heart. He scrunched his cute little nose and saud “wait, you ARE the boss? When did that happen?” 
I explained that is we moved to California because I was selected out ofmany candidates   as the best to lead the organization. I explained that people called me Dr. Mimi. He was dumfounded. “Wait they picked you out of everybody?” Yes, my son they did. He laughed and kissed me. “Wow mom. You are the boss. ” I asked him if he was proud of me “yeah. They picked you. You tell people what to do in your office.” I was happy in that moment beyond belief. I had akways wanted a little boy because I wanted a boy to grow up knowing a strong woman who could do everything and anything.  In this moment I felt I had accomplished that. 
He then said goodnight mom and turned over one more time “actually you are not the boss here.” What!?? He had a big smile on his face. My son has my sense of humor as well. I smiled, hugged him and said “oh yeah, im the boss here and its time to go to sleep. No action plan needed here. Sweets dreams my baby boy” 

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  1. As mom to your (7 year old?) son, I was just wondering if you feel the way I did when mine were his age. That is, being boss at home was not a battle I chose to fight with them very often, so they usually won.

    As far as being the workplace boss, I’m wondering if you’ve read “Bossypants” by Tina Fey. I just finished it and think you could probably relate well to her experiences as boss on “30 Rock.” I guess both of you will continue that fight, for both your son and her daughters.


    • I need to get that book. Others have mentioned it to me as well. Maybe a read for my next flight. Im curious about it. Yes, my son is 7. I dont try too hard to be the boss. We shall see in a few years. Lol


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