Early to rise no longer first one in


Happiness. I am in my all-time favorite place taking a well-deserved break. Hawaii! If it weren’t for the fact that toilet paper is so expensive here (an indicator of a high cost of living) I would leave my near-impossible-to-accomplish job and expensive San Francisco house rental (yet tiny and attached to neighbors) in a New York minute. I was asked to think of what tomorrow would look like if I had no cares. This is it! I have a white sand beach at my feet, a lava flow in handy and a gloriously happy son in sight. I am at ease and peace.

This peaceful state of being has been coming for a while, however. Although my new job is stressful and I have taken on a near-impossible situation to fix with no resources or real support from the powers that be (that don’t even recognize what my daily struggles are) I am ok. Truly. That is because I don’t ruminate. I don’t take people’s anger, pessimism and stupidity personally. I externalize these factors as part of the context in which I must navigate. These days, with the workplace being the way it is, you must externalize certain stressors. I have to wonder about the Amazon workplace. They think they have it bad? Try working in the non-profit sector with all that work 24/7 with a fraction of the pay. Not that I want to say they don’t have it bad. Everyone has a right to vent their personal experiences.

At my previous place of employment there was a particularly difficult situation where I worked for 33 days straight for a minimum of 10 hours each day. And I did it willingly. And then I barely got a thank you. And then I left.

At my current place, I will boastfully note (with no shame) that I came in and saved the agency. Five months in I got some accolades and some wacky noted areas for improvement that were insane (future post to come on that when I am less angry). I worked hard to save that place. And I did it willingly. And then I barely got a thank you from some powers that be. And then….I booked a trip to Hawaii and said duck it. I am going to enjoy a lava flow.

See, here is the thing. I am an early bird. I used to get into work (at all jobs) earlier than everyone else. I would leave late as well. I would work at home and on the weekends. Then I realized that although I am almost always the smartest person the agency (by far) I was stupid. No one appreciates an early bird. You just end up getting and doing more work. Now, I still wake up early. Now, I take my time in the morning and watch my son wake up and experience his morning glee. My day is better this way. I am at peace. And I still accomplish in one work day more than others accomplish in a week.

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  1. Ha! I don’t like to write when I’m angry. Although I do like to write in my diary when I’m angry. Wait! That’s actually a good line!
    Why is this so? I finish work fast and efficient – then I get rewarded with more work. Then the ones who just goes la la la and take their time – be on a bathroom break every half hour for 15 mins don’t get their job done – instead goes to me!
    I am done!

    Meanwhile, enjoy Hawaii and being with your family!!!


  2. So glad you’re taking such a lovely break, Mimi. You deserve it. Your work ethic is unbelievably strong. I think it depends on how we were brought up and also on how our good friends were brought up too. This makes me remember an experience I had when I transferred from private industry to government. What an eye opener! In the beginning, I continued with my quick pace, as I was used to working fast, efficiently. That’s a NO, NO! I got dirty looks from my coworkers and finally, one told me I had to slow down, because I was finished way before they were, and I would sit and wait for more work to come in, or taks a short break, while they were still tapping on their keyboards. If you think it’s easy to slow down, you don’t know the frustration it is. 🙂

    That’s a great photo of your son. Happy boy!


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