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How firm is your foundation?

How firm is your foundation?

So many times we are so focused on going forward and looking up that we forget to look from where we came. Every once in a while it makes sense to look down and back to see where we stand and where we came from. We need to have a deep understanding of how firm is our foundation.


We need to question if we are on solid ground, wobbly stones or a sinking sand dune.


As we get older, which is each day, we should consider what are the trails we have left behind and how quickly they may just be washed away. Will others have had a chance to appreciate those trails?



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  1. Quite a powerful post. It reminded me of one of the sessions in my Yoga class, where all I had to do was close my eyes and walk slowly, focusing on the pressure on my feet and feel what my feet felt. It reminded me of all the times when I ignored the most essential part of my body, feet. Post the session I felt very light. Thereon, whenever I am stressed I just practice that,whether I am in office or in metro train.


  2. I found this post to be compelling and so valid. (I like the pictures as well by the way) But your so right: we do spend so much time running around and thinking about the future that we lose track of our foundation. I myself have done that many times in my 21 years of life…But I always try and remember where I am standing.

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  3. I consider myself among the lucky ones who had/have a very firm foundation. I think you are, too. Haven’t we both used them as the place from which to step out into the unknown?


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