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Happiness in a tub, rub a dub dub

Happiness in a tub, rub a dub dub

teal 1

Once upon a time, I used to take baths. I used to write letters and I used to read books. I read a lot of books. I was a voracious reader. Then one night I wasn’t. You can’t keep things the same for very long. Or at least you shouldn’t. Technologies change our lives. Children change our lives. I assume that one day, I will red a book a week again. Just not now.  However, my baths may just come around again soon.

We went down to the Santa Cruz boardwalk this past weekend and got to see the seals just hanging out in their great big water bath. While they had plenty of room to splash about, us humans were packed onto the boardwalk like sardines.  The wonderful seals spoke and we clapped. Kids jumped around in awe. I looked at them fondly with a tinge of jealousy.  They were hanging out sunbathing and taking a bath.

teal 2_seal

It is time for me to step into my new teal bathtub and soak. It is time that my legs stretch out under warm waters and get moistened by the silky bubbles. Once upon I used to take baths and once upon the future it can happen again.  That is one of my fairy tale endings. The peace, the calm and head filled with tons of new plots. Happiness in a tub, rub a dub dub.


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  1. I can’t remember the last time I took a bath – I think it was when my kids were really young. Never took the time again. Showering is something I do by habit and as quickly as I can – I have more important things to do with my time. However, I do remember how relaxing it was. I used to use Calgon – a water softener – in the water. It made the water so silky-feeling. A side benefit: It left the tub clean and with no ring! 🙂


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