Roger that: I’m five by five

Roger that: I’m five by five

Texan Geese are Traveling

Texan Geese are Traveling

It is the beginning of the week, we are squarely in summer time and I am feeling good. There are 171 days remaining until the end of the year but there is much more to accomplish in this calendar year. Nearly 40 years ago, there was a grand blackout lasting nearly 24 hours that lead to widespread fires and looting in New York. I did not experience that blackout but recall a more recent one this past decade where one of the major inconveniences was that ATMs were not working and many people had no cash on them as they often rely on credit cards. I am not too sure that the blackout on the ’70s played out like that. It’s an auspicious day. Did you know that in 1923, The Hollywood Sign was officially dedicated in the hills above Hollywood and that originally it said  “Hollywoodland”? Indeed Hollywood can be a bit of a land of mischief, intrigue and deception. Yet, it is still a fun time to be had.

call me

Yes, today I am five by five.  I am feeling good and daring. It is  day to be bold and strike a new deal or two. I feel as wacky as five texan geese early in an Austin jog path scurrying about. Or what about Picasso’s Les Demoiselles d’Avignon (The Young Ladies of Avignon). I was able to look at that painting in person at the MOMA in New York City and the boldness of the women is striking and empowering.

As I head out to start the work week, I will be skipping happy that it is summer and the snow is long forgotten although no less feared. Last winter was brutal in the eastern part of the United States. But even then one could find five streets lamps to help guide one forward.

five by five

I for one am grateful for the sun and the moon without any snow caps at the moment. Lets skip to that.

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