Today go bathe in the morning dew

Today go bathe in the morning dew

Miami_june 2014_18_rising sun

I am on day four of my fifth cross country roadtrip and the wind has been soothing and the landscape mesmerizing. I am working steadily towards reaching one of my life goals of having been in all fifty states. It is amazing how we come up with random goals that no one would have predicted when we were born. I came up crying loudly and steadily.  My family believed I would be a crier. I came out so the opposite of that prediction. I cannot get enough of laughter and I try to find the silver lining to things.I did not grow up to be scared of the world. I grew up wanting to be enveloped and embraced by it.

In Iceland, folklore says that if you bathe naked in the morning dew on the morning of June 24, you are supposed to keep aging at bay for longer. On a day like today, where I feel the full embrace of the road and the wind, I feel younger. Sure, why not bathe in the morning dew.  Go out and feel one with the earth. However, make sure to put bug spray on first. Just saying. However, I do not need to bathe in that morning dew to keep aging at bay.

Looking at my son’s smile as he discovers new lands keeps me young.  Letting my eyes soak in everything as far as it can see keeps me young. There is so much to this world that each day we can discover something new. Said discovery rejuvenates and lifts the spirits.

The morning dew does feel nice on the skin and nose. Finger tips can caress that dew and bring it softly to one’s lips. Enjoy this day and embrace your inner child, your youthful spirit and teenage curiosity.

Miami_june 2014_9

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