Which of my social media selves will be quiet today?

Which of my social media selves will be quiet today?

I woke up this morning thinking that I need a quiet day.  I am thinking of doing something I have not done in a long time. I am thinking of not doing anything. Doing nothing. Just sitting and letting thoughts percolate. I want to see if coffee and nothingness mix in my mind.  This all sounds good to me. Or at least a couple of me.

The physical me likes the idea of doing nothing for 24 hours. However, the brain inside of me notes that there is a high probability that I will not do nothing. Yes, my brain gets it is a double negative and it just knows eventually I will pull open the open laptop and write a grant, post a blog, look up a vacation or enhance the twitter feed for my agency. Or all of the above.  I am already working one.

Occasionally, I tell myself that I will not engage one of my social media selves on a particular day. It is true enough that there are days where I do not post on Facebook at all.  See, Facebook is my most personal social media venue. I keep the number of people I interact with very small on Facebook.  I truly do not see the point of having 3,000 so-called friends. I also do not see having to “talk” to each of them everyday or three times a day.

Twitter, on the other hand, is an everyday engagement for me. Albeit, mindless.  I “shout” into the vast twitter verse at least twice a day on four different accounts. Yikes. For some reason I feel motivated to mention the latest research finding on autism or wage pay to whoever is around at the moment. I guess I truly appreciate the “Speaker’s Corner” aspect of our lives now. True enough many in both San Francisco and New York, my two places at the moment, just shout out random thoughts all day long as they walk the city streets. I reserve my shouting for Twitter.  And for the most part, none of my twitter followers are on my Facebook feed. Those worlds are completely separate in my world.

Thus, as I contemplate a day of doing nothing, what does that mean in terms of my social media interactions. If I am not doing anything, what do I have to offer on Facebook?  Of course, many people use Facebook a lot just in those very types of moments. I prefer to showcase events or happenings on Facebook, even if it is just to show my son having his face painted. Twitter, on the other hand, is a great venue for when you are not doing anything. There is bound to be a million others that feel the same.  Who knows, perhaps I should switch it up.

Despite me trying to just not do anything, I still find myself writing about how I wish to not do anything.  The compulsion to write and express myself is still very much rapidly firing away across my synapses. yes, I must write. Yes, I must think out loud. I cannot silence myself. I never have. which has gotten me in trouble in the past and probably will do so in the future many more times.

So which of my social media selves will be quiet today?  I think that will be a big zero. I may sit and want to not do any work today. However, I still need to speak and utilize the myriad of venues we have now to get my thoughts out there.  While I am at it, I think I will work on my next vacation plans and maybe a grant here or there.   I may not step outside today but every part of my body and being is still going.

That’s the 21st century propelling me forward. It makes me wonder will we ever have rest in the coming years and decades as technology advances further and further. Now that we have received a taste of truly being able to express our selves virtually anywhere and anytime, do we dial that back? I don’t think so.  And when we are expressing ourselves, which of our current many selves is doing the talking?  We are indeed different people on different venues now. At some point we may need a sticky pad notating who we are in these different points of interactions. Are we the shouter and researcher? Are we the party girl? Are we the thoughtful dark humor writer? And what happens when they all want to speak?

Whew. I think my many selves are already tired and it is not even noon yet.

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  1. Trying to keep track of what self is on which platform is way too overwhelming for this Old Fart to even contemplate. Guess it’s nice to have those options, though.


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