How absurd to wait for a unicorn

How absurd to wait for a unicorn
I keep waiting for that moment
I keep waiting for you to be true
Offer me your condolences
How absurd to wait for a unicorn
Sadness could not be grander
As you laud your grandeur
And wonder about your humanity
Is mixed in with pooled bile
Slither, slither, slither away
like the venomous snake that you are
There is no there, there
No core, nothing more
The light has been beamed
The lighted path takes me away
onto new roads of insight
Let there be no pretense
I await no unicorn
I hear the trumpets
heralding truth’s arrival


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  1. I often wonder when writers post such dark verses if it’s some deep seeded expression of their own lives. I hope all is well with you and that you are in a ‘good’ place.


    • Thanks so much for checking in. 🙂 im actually pretty good. Ive been told my poetry is a bit dark. It just comes out that way. Its a different form of expression that i just started to use so out comes out these bits. But im good 🙂

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