Living for the intricacies of life

Living for the intricacies of life

I will start off with an obvious note: life is not easy. At least for some people. Even celebrities will argue that their lives are very difficult. Probably to many of us, not on that extreme income spectrum that actually have to work hard day in and day out, celebrities do not have it hard at all. Did you catch the furor Gwyneth Paltow caused when she noted that working moms had it easier than her because they have a routine?  Yes, obviously she is a bit off her rocker which probably results from not eating enough of anything. When you restrict your diet that much you are bound to not get enough nutrients to your brain and odd things come out of one’s mouth as a result.   Despite all this, it is her perception that her life is hard and who am I to argue with her about her own life?  I will still allow my eyes to roll whenever she speaks.

Life is hard. And despite people’s attempts to make things black and white, there rarely are such moments. there are grays, nuances and intricacies. At times, those make up the proverbial spice of life.  Which is probably why throughout history there have been art and architectural movements that ramp up their designs. Of course, the rococo artistic movement went a bit wild on the whole ornateness deal and then for a while we had form follows function which is a tad bit too literal for me at times.

On my travels I seek both the plain and the intricate upon which to feast my senses.


A landscape can be intricate, a building can be intricate and just standing in the middle of a crowded street can fill your senses. Breathe it in and enjoy!

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