Vintage Cuba: Oh those cars and 1950’s Nostalgia

Vintage Cuba: Oh those cars and 1950’s Nostalgia


When I was in Cuba a few years back, I felt I was transported to not another part of the world but to another era in time. Everyone who has been to Cuba will undoubtedly note they felt that way. The second you get off the plane and are hit with that massive heat, you feel as though the airwaves are gently guiding you back in time.

row of cars

Immediately upon exiting the airport, you come across a slew of vintage cars in great pastel colors. As someone who outwardly loves the color pink, I was in color heaven.


I am not a car person-I have never had my driver’s license for I am a New Yorker that walks and uses public transportation. However, I did have an appreciation for the timelessness these cars symbolized.


I do worry about what will happen to this vibe once the sanctions are fully lifted by the United States.


I desire nothing but greatness for this beautiful island and its warm people. Hopefully, these cars will stay embedded in some way in its social-historical fabric as it keep moving forward.


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  1. Those cars are awesome. I was in Berlin and Leipzig in 1992, not that long after the Berlin Wall had come down. They still had these fabulous cars called Trabants which I think weree made out of fibreglassed cardboard. They were true relics of the Communist era and such a treat.


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