Propelling myself forward

Propelling myself forward


Transitions are always difficult. Transitions of any kind.  They are too slow or too fast and one can feel in limbo. I finally got one part of my transition handled. I found an apartment in San Francisco. Furthermore,  I am heading back to New York today to participate in a big event I have been involved in planning the last four months.  I am close to closing that part of my life.  It is all coming together. I am moving forward.

Its like being in a boat in the middle of the Panama Canal getting splashed with the waters we are moving through.

SONY DSCIt is like watching a farmer moving forward working the land with chips flying up in the air. As the chips fall you watch in awe.

IMG_5132It is as if speeding away in a car at 80 MPH and watching the slight water movements.

IMG_5528Movement can at times be scary as well; especially as one awaits the final big hit of a powerful superstorm that is making the trees rock back and forth.


The sense of moving forward can be intoxicating, thrilling and bring completely unexpected movement and stillness.

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