The psychological story of how we met

The story of how we met


Every relationship has a beginning. There is no story that starts mid-way. Perhaps a Quentin Tarantino movie, but then we get the flashbacks. Television shows are rife with “origin” episodes. We always want to know how things started. In comic books, an origin story is the back story that reveals how the villain or the superhero came to be.   The first season of one of my favorite television shows, Arrow, was all about the flashback and filling in the backstory as to how he came to be the vigilante. We want to know people are not necessarily always born a hero. The situation, the context, produces heroes. Tormented ones at that.

As a writer that writes to document my daily travails and seeks to connect with the masses on how the workplace torments us in modern times, I am curious as to how you-my dear reader-came to know me.

Curiosity got the better of me today and I quickly looked to see what search terms you all have used that have led to me. Below are the top terms (in my quick study) and the post that is best linked to those terms.

Thanks for giving birth to me, mom

Teratoma cyst

Significance of 7

Puerto Rican dreams and superstitions

My boss calls me nicknames

Fear of opinions

Spirits sneeze

Hero worship

Darkness inside an MRI machine

The paths to me are wide and varied. They all have psychology as the framing but there is an interest in superstition, health and work. If I were coding (doing a qualitative study of sorts) I would say anxiety and authenticity are key routes to me. Authenticity is one of my key issues as I navigate my life. It appears that it is a primary concern for others as well. Technology binds us yet also separates us.  We often use phrases such as “keeping it real” even when we are lying through our teeth. We wear multiple, layered masks depending on who is around us. We all wonder “who is the real me?” I can only be me. Yet, who am I being?

We are trying to come to terms, on a daily basis, with all the pressures around us to be something for everybody.  Sometimes we feel that we have failed in that endeavor.  In a time in which the selfie is all powerful, it is nice to know that people are searching terms that indicate our birthdays are actually a recognition of our parents. I wish that I had learned that lesson earlier in life. I only came to truly internalize that sentiment late in my mom’s life. I hope that she knows that as I near my upcoming birthday, I am celebrating her being and her guiding hand in my life.

As we seek authenticity, we seem to recognize at the same time, that nowadays everybody is labeled a hero. Everybody gets their 15 minutes of fame. We should in actuality all be heroes. heroes to our families and friends. However, appearing on a reality show doesn’t make one a hero.  When will these reality shows cease to exist? Also, when will nicknames in the workplace come from a truly deep nice platform and not one of ridicule?

I will keep writing of these issues knowing fully well I am also not perfect and that we are all coming to terms with these matters together.

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  1. I’d go further and say that being on a reality show makes us look more like a circus side show more than a hero. I hope the era of reality shows ends soon and we can aspire to appealing to a higher level than the sensationalism of current media.


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