Flying high on the wings of confidence and anticipation

Flying high on the wings of confidence and anticipation

This week that is coming on the heels of valentine’s day,  is a grand one for me. I’m starting a new position that will be extremely challenging but for which I have been essentially preparing for the last few years.  I wish I had a crystal ball that would allow me to peer into future helping me wisely select what to do at the numerous crossroads at which I will find myself.  Alas, there is crystal ball, that I know of. If you know of one, please inbox me as soon as possible.

For now, despite the fact that I must hit the ground running, I am soaring up above.

While in Australia, I went to a nature reserve where I witnessed the flights of these amazing birds.

It was inspiring to see such steady expanded wingspans above my head.  My son screamed with joy when the birds took off and he was in awe when they landed.

IMG_8197 IMG_8264
Simply gorgeous. I sat there happily anticipating their flight. They were so bold. They were a sight to emulate in our own lives.

Carry on.

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