The psychology of writing about the workplace: The Premio Dardos Award


The psychology of writing about the workplace: The Premio Dardos Award


When I first started this blog a couple of years ago, I did so somewhat on a dare for work. I wrote a few posts here and there and all of a sudden I started getting the fever to write everyday for the world to see. Many people do not believe this when I say that by nature I am a shy person. Just because I laugh hard, dress up nicely and speak up does not mean I am the most extroverted person. I am also not the shyest person. And by no means, does being shy mean having no confidence. I get a microphone in my hand and I know how to rock it.   Perhaps it is better to say I do not prefer to talk to that many people.



Anyway, when I started writing, I didn’t know what exactly I would be writing about. I figured the workplace but I didn’t know what voice that would be. It ended up being a voice filled with dark humor, snark and a wickedly sharp take on the workplace. Nothing is off the table in my eyes in terms of workplace topics. I have been lucky to have been fresh pressed four times and all have been articles that dissected the workplace; including one on how most people do not like feedback no matter what.



I take great pleasure in writing about the workplace because I have endured much in the workplace. I have literally picked up fecal matter from the floor, dealt with temper tantrum throwing employees, have had to figure out how to find our way out of a dark parking lot in rural Puerto Rico and have survived and rose above being shouted down at a national conference.   I have a lot of material with which to work and be snarky about. I have dealt with lying, phony, and downright evil employees and colleagues alike.   My workplace well is deep. Lucky for me.



In that vein, I have been blessed with a great number of cool followers and award nominations. I would like to accept the Premio Dardos Award and would like to thank Rowena whose blog is called Beyond the Flow for the nomination. She writes with great heart and we have bonded over some of the awful recent worldwide injustices.   Premio Dardos  means “Prize Darts” in Spanish. The award is given to recognize the blogger’s various cultural, ethical, literary, and personal values transmitted in the form of creative and original writing. I am quite honored and will endeavor to continue to write my workplace antics blogs with hearty laughs.


Interestingly, in my writing journey, I have gone on to write about my travels, my food tastes, my Hispanic heritage and corresponding superstitions inherent to my background.   Psychologist Mimi started off dissecting the workplace and has since morphed into commentary on life-all facets of it. We are never just one thing. The world is made up of tiny molecules with which we interface. As such, I cannot write about just one thing. Although, at the root of everything I write is psychology. There is an attempt to understand the why, when and how of things.  Blogging has been a great experience in which one can tap into everyday life struggles for a bit of insight. Carrying on.



In accepting this award, I’m nominating 15 other fellow bloggers.   They all in part try to pass on lessons learned and take on different aspects of culture as well.



Mama Cormier

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Duniya ku


Have a wonderful day everyone.

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  1. I certainly hope that, as a psychologist, you agree with the title of one of my favorite features from good old “Reader’s Digest:” Laughter is the Best Medicine. I think you do, which is why I will continue to look forward to your future posts.

    I may also check out some of the bloggers you mentioned, for the very same reasons. I have enjoyed your posts and the subjects they have covered. Good luck and happy future trails to you!


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