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The Brutally Depressing Superbowl: But This Land is My Land

The Brutally Depressing Superbowl: But this land is my land

west virginia skyline
Admittedly, I watch the Superbowl for its ads. Actually, I used to do that. I have started to actually like watching the game of football; in particular when the New England Patriots are losing or the New York Giants are winning. Neither seems to happen as often as I would like.  Last night’s game was downright depressing for any Seattle Seahawks fan. To come that close and lose in the last few seconds is brutal to the psyche. I can assure you that Russell Wilson did not sleep a wink last night running that last play repeatedly in his head and thinking “what if.”  Brutal.

Anyway, during the Superbowl Katy Perry showed off some weird outfits while wearing cool shiny silver shoes. I swear I have a pair of silver shoes that look like hers. There was a mighty depressing advertisement during the game. Nationwide featured an ad where a young vibrant kid sucks you to only let you know he couldn’t do anything grand in life because he died. Wow! What a Debbie Downer.


There was also a Jeep advertisement that was cool for the beautiful landscape imagery it used. This commercial stirred for many Americans a grand sense of patriotism for about 20 seconds. The song “This Land Is Our Land” played while beautiful US scenery played in the background. Gorgeous US scenery. Then lands from around the world were displayed while the song continued to play. On twitter, people started to go nuts. I too was momentarily startled to see foreign lands (such as the Great Wall of China) played while the song “This Land Is Our Land” continued its melodic pulse. I watched quizzically wondering what the advertisement would be all about at the end.  The song ended and the tagline was “The World Is a Gift. Play Responsibly.”


I did not immediately get the “play responsibly” part; perhaps because I do not drive and thus car commercials do not strike me at more inner core. I sure did get the idea of “the world is a gift”. Indeed, it stirred up my sense of nostalgia and wanderlust taking me back to my varying moments of being on the road feeling at one with the land.  The world is too beautiful to just lay claim to a tiny sliver of it.

Greece 009 IMG_4609_vie3_botanical garden_belvedere IMG_7411 SONY DSC

 Indeed, see the world’s many lands and rising sun


The world is a gift!

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  1. I live in New England and have to endure the Patriot Nation braggadocio. What a terrible call to end the game. I probably couldn’t sleep as much as Wilson couldn’t and I’m not even a Seahawk’s fan.


  2. Brutally depressing indeed! I hate the Patriots and became a temporary Seahawks fan for the game. What a disastrous call! Ball on the one, game on the line, best running back in the league… so throw the ball inside???
    On a more positive note, great pics as usual!


  3. Love your new blog layout! As a visual learner who, 1st thing upon opening, looked to see earworm updates on your site, I especially appreciate those changes. Maybe one day I’ll even listen to some of the titles that I don’t recognize.


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