Driving in New York: take some Xanax, say a little prayer, and do these five things

If you want to drive in New York, take some Xanax and say a little prayer: Also do these five things.


I like to think of myself as the quintessential New Yorker.  I wear black quite often, I have a dark sense of humor, I love to blog , I love pizza, I can cram 100 pairs of shoes into a tiny space, I have an empty refrigerator, and I don’t drive. I let my feet take me everywhere. Even in the midst of the back-to-back storms that have hit us I have walked at least two miles each day. The snow had a bite to it that my face did not care much for but my tunes kept me walking to a beat.

Despite my lack of a driver’s license, I am quite a backseat driver. I flinch, I get road rage and I navigate. Sure, I get my left and rights a bit wrong but I have a sense of where I am going. Perhaps that sense is a bit more metaphorical in nature, but I still have that internal guiding direction. Obviously I like to direct as I is obvious by my blogging nature and need to impart little nuggets of advice. Now, I will share this with you. Driving in New York if crazy. There is no sugar coating it. You might as well be on a Nascar speedway. If you want to drive in New York, take some Xanax and say a little prayer. You can also listen to some of these bits of advice.

First off, be assertive although not necessarily aggressive. You cannot wait to be let into a lane, you have to make your way in. Second, use all forms of your vision including peripheral. People will dart in and out from all corners. You have to constantly be on the look out for that. Third, as a result of all the crazy pedestrians that tempt fate, have to keep your motor skills in fine shape so that you have great reaction times. You have to be able to make a split-second decision in an even shorter amount of time. Fourth, learn to curse in about 5 – 6 languages. Such a skill set comes in handy in New York. Fifth, memorize the New York City map so you have a handle on all the one way streets and then be willing to forget the map when lane closures, detours and police activity direct you otherwise.

There you have it. Short and simple to the point. Drive like your life depends on it and exhale every once in a while. Happy New York City driving. Although, I must say the number one bit of advice I can give you is this. Don’t drive in New York City. There is an extensive public transportation system that only costs $2.50. That’s the costs of a slice of pizza or an over-priced Coke Zero. Better yet, walk and find an interesting sight around every corner.

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  1. I’ve always heard it could be quite a nerve-wracking thing to attempt. Should I ever make it to NYC, I’ll check my vehicle at the door and use the public transport. Thanks for the tip!


  2. One of my favorite old BC (before children) pictures is from a visit to NYC. I think I was in Times Square. I don’t remember what I was trying to take a picture of, but the best part of the photo, which I accidentally captured, was the blur of a taxi speeding past. I can tell that aspect of NY life hasn’t changed, though I believe many of the cabs are now closer to mini size.

    An old college friend drove her car when she lived in NYC. She was crazy then and is still crazy. She now lives in NJ, where I have observed that drivers are also not very courteous. She still has property in the L.A. area so gets a dose of educated, though still crazy drivers, occasionally. How will you adjust when you move back to CA?


    • I just dont get how people drive here in nyc. Look at the tragic car accident yesterday that took the life of the CBA correspondent Bob Simon. Of course, car accidents happen everywhere. Tons in LA. I wont be driving in california. I dont have a drivers license. I will be taking the train an my little feet. 🙂


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