At the end of the day there is no sorting hat: But Love and a greater good shall guide me

At the end of the day there is no sorting hat

I am in a bit of a pickle. I am in the midst of a middle of a jam.   A psychological quandary of sorts.  Where do I go from here? Who can I turn to? My son, at six years old, is quite sage and artful in his advice.   However, my crossroads may be a bit tough for him to ponder as he is making his annual list for Santa Claus. He has a lot on his plate at the moment and a rather long list for Santa Claus. I asked him to prioritize and his eyes widened. Everything on the list is a must-need, indeed.

So, here I am with my pickled situation. Which fork in the road to take? Sometimes, I think it would be so easy to not make a choice and to just keep going straight. However, life doesn’t work that way and a choice must be made. I can’t insist on keeping straight when such a road would just be rocky and filled with gravel that will eventually lead to a broken soul and engine.

I wish I was in  Harry Potter scene where I could go before a sorting hat and let it decide for me. But in real life, how many of us have access to such a sorting hat. Sure, we can turn to others for advice but at the end of the day your gut must rule and interject. Just as they say that no one can tell your story, no one can make your decision for you. Well, actually there are situations where we do allow others to make our decisions. However, how do those turn out?  To be true to thy self you cannot abdicate your life decisions.


Here I am wondering what to do. I am consumed by this question these days.   The coming New Year does not help either. There is such pressure to make the right decision and to make one expeditiously.   This week I shall ponder that for which I am grateful.  Such a list should help propel me forward. Reflecting back and acknowledging the good things in life including those that have been kind and helpful should not just rest in a moment. This gratitude should in a way act as a sorting hat.  I am grateful for having a family and the love of a child. I am grateful to have accomplished grand feats this year that although taxing mentally were for a larger good. Love and a greater good-those are my road markers. They will guide me forward.

It is a beautiful day out today and I shall walk with purpose. My mind shall seek my own truth. I will reach that decision with clarity.


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  1. A sorting hat would be nice, but absent of that, the road that you eventually take will most likely be just like the other roads that you take, that we take. I look at some of those forks in the road and never wonder ‘what if’. Those roads we’ve taken have gone a long way to shape us and teach us. I think that reflecting on things to be grateful for is an excellent idea, and I may copy your idea later this week. Have a wonderful day!


  2. I hope your choice is one which will make you happy and give you joy. Whatever the path you have to choose, I think choosing the path which has the most heart, as you have said, is going to help a lot.


  3. Even if you had a sorting hat would you still agree with it, would you rebel and go the other way and is it better to make mistakes than always do the right thing?

    I’m not really helping here but this is a great way of diverting myself from having to solve my own dilemmas!

    As ever a great post


  4. If you can reach what appears to be a monumental decision with clarity, then you are a far wiser person than I. Even if your decision is somewhat muddled, have the courage to make it anyway. I did and I can say now with the benefit of hindsight that it was the right one, though it was nip and tuck at the beginning which necessitated establishing a new framework for my marriage.


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