Walking through my doors with an open mind

Walking through my doors with an open mind

photo 4

A door can provide access or it can block it. Doors are most definitely physical. However, there are many that lie within our minds and souls.  A door can close out air drafts or open up and let light through.   We encounter doors everywhere we go. At times they are locked and we have to figure out how to open them. Other times they are wide open waiting for us to march on through.

Doors can be pure in function and form. Doors can be ornate like the Porta del Paradiso in Florence’s main piazza.  Because of the myriad of doors we encounter in life we have to be prepared to walk through them.


On my recent trip to the US midwest, I came across a somber reminder of the fragility of life and of the many evils that exist in the world.  The Oklahoma Bombing Memorial is a beautiful set of doorways with a reflecting pool in between.   Specifically, These are called the Gates of Time: With one gate marked – 9:02  (the time of the bombing) outside it is noted at 9:01, (represents the last moments of peace), while its opposite  gate notes 9:03 (represents the first moments of recovery).   It is haunting and moving and bled right into my days of reflection.


IMG_0986A door beckons with promises of tears and sadness.

photo 1

Looking through the doorways on through the reflecting pool.

photo 2

Walk closer to the door

photo 3

Go through and find peace and recovery.


These symbolize the doors of our lives. We need to push on through

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  1. Doors are very symbolic and actually, I believe, have great importance in our everyday lives as well as our history and future. We don’t usually think of this idea, but it takes the visual to bring it into the moment, as you have done, Mimi. Good post. Thanks.


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