1689 People: That’s what I am aiming for conversation-wise in the next month

1689 People: That’s what I am aiming for conversation-wise in the next month

1689. Does anyone into numerology know what that number signifies? For me, at the moment, it is the number of followers I still have to reach out to. Last December I made it a point to visit the webpage of every follower and to answer every comment.   Then life got hectic. Well, more hectic than usual.  Along with major funding grants that I had to apply for, parasites that churned my life upside down, and numerous business trips, I have fallen a bit behind in meeting my writing goal of visiting every single one of you. I have visited several thousands. Yet, I have left 1689 followers to check out. I will do so, just bear with me and I will come on over to say hello.

While I have been writing here for two years, this past year I have jumped into the world of photography and poetry. It’s been fun, challenging, and a stress reliever. I have been fortunate to be able to develop and hone my creative side.   As a result, my followers are a wide mix from the blogosphere spectrum.  As I make my way to visit you all,  I have been learning about things I do not get a chance to in my everyday life. I  have been learning about the everyday lives of Croatians, how to take photographs at night and what it is like to travel through Indonesia –just to name a few

Now, in the psychological literature 5-6 people are often cited as an optimal amount for a fruitful group conversation or team effort.   Otherwise, you may get what is called the Ringelmann Effect.   You know, where the more people you have on a rope pulling team-building exercise the less effort each individual puts into it.   So, trying to have a group conversation in the blogosphere with thousands upon thousands of people is truly an interesting new psychological endeavor which some social researchers may be surreptitiously studying (as they did when they tinkered with our emotions on Facebook).

Now back to 1689.  Historically, seems that some good things happened way back then in that year.  For example, the British Parliament adopted the Bill of Rights establishing limits on the crown and rights of parliament.  There were also a lot of wars declared.   Then again, we live in such times as well now. In the US House of Congress, H.R 1689 bill was introduced Prohibiting Taxpayer-Funded Monuments to Members of Congress Act.  I can get behind such an idea. So, the number 1689 has some historical interesting meaning. For me personally, it is represents a goal that will lead to some interesting conversations with random strangers from across the globe. And I love it.

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  1. That’s quite a following that you have, Mimi! I have 269 and find that only a small amount of them are active. I’ve also discovered that some of my followers don’t even exist any more. I’m being followed by ghosts! 🙂


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