That hole wasn’t meant for that: This week’s wacky news in ten minutes


That hole wasn’t meant for that: This week’s wacky news in ten minutes



Those of you that have children understand the feeling of being vigilant about what the little one’s place in their mouths or try to stuff into their belly buttons. Children are naturally exploring. You would think that by the time adulthood comes around, some of that would go away.


Here is this week’s wacky news that I could quickly gather.



Round up the crabs.  This week, in yet another round of flight delays, saw crabs delaying a flight. Yes, Crabs.   In the cargo area of a commercial flight, crabs got loose and ran amok.   The airline workers then spent a while trying to round up the loose crabs. You know that someone on that flight was thinking “oh the crabs are back”.



What’s that in your pants?   So, a supermarket employee probably felt a bit underpaid and hungry. Who wouldn’t be hungry all the time when working in a supermarket. Actually, I once worked in a supermarket and my appetite definitely waned while there.   Anyway, this employee in a NY store, decided he was hungry for meat and naturally stuffed his pants with over $1,000 worth.



Hair sure tastes good.   An 18 year old girl wasn’t feeling too well. It may have even felt like she had butterflies in her stomach. Well, she did not have butterflies but she did have something grand. She had a 9-pound hairball in her tummy and a kitty-cat she is not.



Is that a ghost falling into your mouth? In a story that resembles a beautiful dream an inventor created a levitating cocktail that allows you to lick your drink right out of the air.  The drink uses supersonic waves to help it fly.  Oh my. I think I can incorporate this into my dreams.



There is a place and time for pickles.   Burger King has been in the news a lot lately. They have been called un-American and turncoats. What about being odd employers? They chastised an employee for bad pickle placement.   Don’t know about you, but when I bite into a burger I barely ever notice the pickle placement unless …well, not really.



Are doves really for peace?   Apparently, Chinese officials do not necessarily believe so.   According to news reports, over 10,000 doves were given anal probes for security reasons. I have no comeback joke. Insert your own joke here.



Meth or noodles? It’s all the same.  A woman in Georgia was arrested as a passenger in a car that was pulled over. Cops noticed a spoon with residue on it and automatically assumed it was meth. Guess what it was spaghettios and she spent a month in jail for that.



Head in a can.  A fraternity called the cops because of a possibly gone-wrong prank. A skunk found its head stuck in a beer can. Was he drunk or in on the joke? Luckily, the cops did manage to save him so that he can go sniff out some beer come another day.



There you have this week’s wacky, weird mouth and hole news. I leave you with this last image. Do you know what a blob fish looks like? You should. For it has been voted world’s ugliest animal. I don’t know about you, but I kind of find it cute. Reminds me of slimmer in Ghostbusters.


Till next week.


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  1. Crazy news links! I mean really, over a thousand dollars worth of food? He must have big pockets. That fish looked like it was part human. Ugly but very interesting!


  2. The grocery meat story reminds me of another true story of an elderly lady who didn’t have enough money but desired steaks. In the grocery store, she hid them under her winter hat – on her head. She continued walking through the store nonchalantly until she passed out. The ambulance crew discovered the meat on her head as the cause of the fainting spell. No kidding! 🙂


  3. Anal probes for doves indeed!
    Matisse and Picasso would be turning in their graves.
    Still, if the white dove was adopted as a symbol of peace way back when, I guess a contemporary version would imply something to do with the nether regions.
    Wacky for sure!B


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