I would truly give anything to not have to work out every day of my life

 I would truly give anything to not have to work out every day of my life: Who Am I kidding?


I would truly give anything to not have to work out every day of my life.  Ok.  Maybe not anything.  I’m not willing to give up my first born child. I am not too keen on giving up my caffeine habit either.  It is just that working out every day can be tiring.  I at times get invigorated by working out. I love walking the city streets for an hour. I love hiking up a mountain and trying to touch the sky. The problem is that I have an extremely slow metabolism that likes to betray my love of exercise.  I can hike up a grueling mountain for three or four hours. If I eat a piece of chicken afterwards, I gain a pound. I’m not joking.  I am one of those people that can have gastritis and be puking for a week and still gain weight. Everyone else is looking like a stick afterwards. Oh woe is me.


Ok, enough about that. I’m dying for a piece of key lime pie and a big bacon cheeseburger with oodles of barbecue sauce. That will cost me about 45 minutes of exercise later on.  Yes, I would a year of cherry heads if I didn’t have to work out every day.  I would give up a year of mojitos if I didn’t have to work out every day. Wait a second, I think this may be called a diet.


Let me think about what would I give up for not having to work out every day and still not have to go on a diet? Perhaps I could do without television for a year.   Although, when I plop myself down on the couch I would then have nothing to do. I suppose I could read.   However, it is nice to veg every once in a while in front of a moving, talking vacuous wall paper.  Ok. So the television idea is out.


I could try giving up giving up writing. However, how will I ventilate my workplace anger and injustices if I can’t write about it or expend that energy running on the treadmill.  Ok. Bad idea regarding the writing. What’s next? I know I thought I would give up just about anything but my mind is a blank. There must be something I would give up in order to not have to work out every day.  Ok Got it! I would give up chocolate. Aha! Hmm. Except, I don’t like chocolate and don’t really consume it.   Should I not give up something that I value in this exchange for not having to work out?


Ah, screw it.  If I were to tell the truth (if I gave myself a truth serum), there’s not much I would give up and I actually do like exercising and running our my aggression.


Let me just go run on the treadmill for a bit. I’m feeling the need to pump myself up.  Later


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  1. If ever you pass on from this earth, they will make batteries from your DNA.
    Somehow a vision of you sitting reading a book or quietly meditating, escapes me.
    I do see the Duracell Battery Rabbit that ‘Keeps Goin and Goin’. Is that wrong?B


  2. Word…I don’t mind the work if I get the results. I put ten pounds on in the SUMMERTIME! That’s like…school in summahtime! And now I got to get my flat ass off the couch cuz this belly is starting to get its own time zone 💪


  3. The more I get into working out, the more I sort of enjoy it! Not sure what I could give up that would be a fair trade, but certainly would NOT be chocolate! I crave it far too much! I’m thinking I could now give up the sushi after reading your recent post… ;-o


  4. How does one work out? I mean what exactly do you do in those buildings, also known as gyms, I just, can’t, quite, work it out…meanwhile, I am loving your words – keep working those out darling!


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