The wheels go round and round in my manic head


The wheels go round and round in my head


Lately life has been a bit topsy turvy. At times I feel like my eyes are spinning with no relief in sight.  This street art in Australia captured my current state of mind perfectly.

wheel eyes


At times I wish I was on the grand Ferris wheel in the Hawaiian sky. Hawaii, my ultimate happy place. I have been fortunate to have been there six times and that is still not enough. Let me go sip my mai tai and dream of hawaii…spinning o the wheel. Although, these days I feel more like a hampster caught up in the never ending wheel cycle.


wheel hawaii





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  1. C’mon Mimi! Man up! That’s not like you.
    Rest! What’s that?
    You just need a coffee and a walk in the sun. Smell the flowers ( sorry you get hay fever) buy artificial ones then.
    Take some time in the park – you will be fine after a nice bit of fresh air. If all else fails Hawaii does sound nice at this time of year. G&T thanks. B


  2. For me, August was my angry/crap month, but September is a different kind of crud. Busy, like on a wheel, as you said, but part of me likes having lots of irons in the fire, then I get overwhelmed and shut down. In any case, I’m wishing you many happy Hawaiian memories, Mimi. Hope your days get less manic soon.


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