Tripping the road in Curacao: a dessert and a few pop up roadside items

Tripping the road in Curacao


Due to a hurricane that stranded us in Curacao for a few extra days, I got to go on a road trip of sorts on the small island nation of curacao.  It was a grand adventure where smack dab in the Caribbean I came across many cacti and interesting landscapes.

We started off by driving under spooky interlacing trees


Then the landscape became dry and parched and in need of color. Lo and behold we came across a color place shack  to add some vibrancy to the scenery.


Then we scurried away (by car) and the still dry earth and came across quite a quaint museum of history (in a hut) that featured a Heineken emblem that seemed to go hand-in-hand with the color place



It was as if the road was in dialogue with itself bringing us in for a chat.


Thank you mother nature for having stranded us there on Curacao for a few extra days.







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  1. Bravo! I liked the photos. In the first photo how high were the tree branches above the ground? Could you drive a vehicle underneath? AN interesting landscape though. Thanks for sharing. Hope you had an enjoyable vacation there. 🙂


  2. Thanks, Mimi, for the blog award…I have followed instructions but don’t know how to do the pingbacks. Is there any way to do them all at once? Lazy lazy–I hate these rote actions, but if I must do them one-by-one, I shall. Doesn’t seem to work to just establish a link..Again, thanks for your generous nomination…Judy


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