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Inopportune events work in mysterious ways

Inopportune events work in mysterious ways


After so many years in the workplace, so man trips and just having a child, I have learned that things rarely happen the way they are supposed to or how they have been scripted to occur. Whenever I have put on a business event, something has gone awry. Something inopportune decides to pop its head into my life rhythm.

Before Superstorm Sandy hit, I had just gone grocery shopping. Bought over a hundred dollars worth of food. Then media started talking about the looming storm and its largess. Sure enough our trees fell throughout the night and eventually electricity went out. It was out for eight days. There went the food I had just bought.

At another point in time worked on sprucing up the front and back yards of the house. Nicely potted items. It was all looking lovely. Then random cold front with an equally random, unexpected snow storm hit. There went the sprucing efforts up in smoke.

Sometimes, however, life works in a different pattern.

Recently, I got back from Australia to find that the refrigerator was not working. All products needed to be thrown away. I had planned to go into work. I had to stay home and wait for the repair man. I slowly started getting jittery throughout the day. I started feeling a bit lightheaded and my stomach was queasy. Soon I was in the Emergency Room. Luckily for me the refrigerator had stopped working and I stayed home. I was lucky I got severely ill at home as opposed to at work or on the subway.

Inopportune events work in mysterious ways.

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  1. Glad things worked out for you.

    What was wrong and how far along on the road to recovery are you now? How far away is your current destination of perfect health?

    Seems like, on the old roadmap of life, the bad spots are all bunched up but there are large distances between the good spots. Do you agree?


    • Yes. Thanks for asking. Im way better now. I had a horrible, horrible parasite. Im good now. Indeed it does seem at times that the bad spots bunch up. But then we reach a clearing 🙂 hope you are doing well


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