Olympic Sex Craziness Spreads the World Over: This Week’s Valentine’s Day Wacky News

The Olympics are still occurring, or so I hear. I have not really bothered to keep up with the event or its coverage.  I did see an article that talked about the 100,000 condoms that were being distributed at the Olympic Village as well as the big uptick in using the Tinder Dating application there.   Seems that some people believed that beautiful athletic people in an enclosed village for two weeks might start hooking up with each other.   I cannot imagine why the powers  would be would think that.  However, seems that boredom still attacks the athletes. Alexey Sobolev, a Russian snowboarder decided to post his cell phone number on his helmet after which he supposedly received several thousand text messages.   Of course this past week, the streets of New York have looked a bit like a winter Olympic village. It has been a bit unreal all around and seems that some of the Olympic zaniness has spread about the world this week where we celebrate love on Valentine’s Day.  A note to future Olympic coordinators: may want to avoid having the Olympics take place at the same time as Valentine’s Day.


Bob Costa’s red eye.  Bob Costas has typically been the newscaster of note for the US Olympia media coverage.   Specifically, Costas has covered every Olympics since 1992.  However, this week he got pink eye and was sidelined but not before rampant speculation and teasing as to how he got pink eye .  The media spinned into a weird frenzy calling him a monster and other not-so-nice characterizations. I guess the Olympics just ain’t doing it for them.   While being interviewed by Mary Carillo he downed a vodka shot.  I’m right there with you Bob Costas.  If could drink at vodka shot at a team meeting, I would too. Wait, I think I may have done that once.


Kate Hansen twerks .US Olympic athlete Kate Hansen publicized before her competition event her dance twerk routine.  She did it with a lot of zest and went on to twerk-bless her team-mate’s historic bronze win in the singles luge competition.


Henrik Harlaut’s pants.   Swedish skier competed, crashed and lost his pants.   Apparently, the main cause of this is the fact that he skis with baggy pants since he is eccentric that way.   What’s funnier is what the Norwegian skier said “It’s just his style. And people love it. We have a pretty wide stance. I guess we could all ski with our pants down to our knees.”


Ms. Sexy, if you are nasty. Sheila Crabtree never liked her name growing up.  She didn’t feel it captured her essence.  She felt she was sexier than what women named Sheila traditionally are.     This week she got herself a new legal name. Call her Sexy Crabtree. Hmm.  Something just isn’t  right there either.


Fake Maxim buyer.  Calvin Darden, Jr really likes Maxim magazine. He likes it so much he tried to buy the company.  Mr. Darden was able to get 28 million dollars lined up to buy Maxim. Entrepreneur?    Absolutely. Amazingly, he got that money promised to him under completely false pretenses.   Get that many a job with the government.


A woman scorned. Ashley Prenovost  wanted to have sex with her baby daddy. He wasn’t in the mood. She got mad, grabbed the baby and went around the house screaming like a mad woman.  While holding the baby she went on to punch a hole in the wall repeatedly.


A woman scorned, II. Nothing says love like a piece of skin, literally. Torz Reynolds had loved her boyfriend of two years tremendously. So much so that she had his name tattooed on her body. When she found out that he lied about a trip and had been cheating on her, it was too much too take and she did the logical thing in such a situation. She sliced off that piece of skin and mailed it to him. At least she leaned and aestheticized it beforehand.  Don’t try this at home, folks.


A woman scorned, III.   I travel a lot for work. I am one of those passengers that doesn’t want to be talked to. I put my headphones on, open up my laptop and I work. Some other passengers are not so standoffish.  A woman flying on a Delta flight got a little tipsy, came on to her seatmate and got severely upset when he didn’t want to sleep with her.   She went on an epic rant causing the flight to be diverted.  Ok people. A word of the wise, the mile-high club is not meant to disturb others.


Jason Willis and his sticky fingers. Well, Jason Willis Likes a good joke. Jason Willis liked to play pranks on his neighbors. Specifically his female neighbor. He placed a come-hither ad in the name of his neighbor so that men (including those not wearing anything but a trenchcoat) would go visit his neighbor. Mr. Willis is now banned from using the internet for over two years.   You know, he could go old school and place ads in the local newspaper.


A woman inappropriately not scorned.   Kerri Gonzalez jumped out of a two-story apartment window naked.  Whose window was it? She was in a room with a 15 year-old boy at 2am. She says it was not what it appears to be.   Where have we heard that before?


Well, there were a lot of wacky crazed relationships highlighted this past week. Apparently, Kanye West got this week right when he sent Kim a 1000 roses for Valentine’s Day. Wow.  How do we know of his grand gesture.  She posted on Instagram a selfie of herself in the midst of the roses with the caption of “My date with Yeezus tonight.”  Oh, this is all sorts of bad love.

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  1. Wow! People’s hormones seems crazier than ever! Or does it only seem that way because, in recent years, my own libido has taken a sharp dive over a steep cliff? After reading this, I’m glad it has.


  2. The entire world has gone into Olympic fever except two people I know: you and me. I went to a meeting here on my tiny 5 mile island and all the world, here at least, were going ape shit about the US not being in the top 3 medalists. I am living in The Netherlands and they are in top 3, so what’s the issue? My response, I have a bottle of wine waiting for me. Later.


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