Upper Deckers at the Olympics, Creepy Selfies and Medical Diagnoses Based on TV: Wacky Times

Oh wacky days, oh wacky days are here again. They actually never leave us.  This week New York City redeemed himself a bit after his pizza fork-eating fiasco when he challenged Vice President Biden’s assertion that LaGuardia Airport was like a third world country.    The Olympics in Sochi just got started and it seems that everyone is getting into the competition spirit even if it is about trying to be as outrageous and dumb as possible.  Others were just in really wacked-out situations.

Slim Fridays.  We all tend to breathe a sigh of relief when Friday rolls around.  Now we have even more of a reason to get that happy hour drink on Friday afternoons.  It appears, according to just released study results, that we are at our thinnest on Fridays.  Now everybody will be working for that Friday weigh in!  There were those in the twitterverse, however, who were mortified at how much weight the winner on the show The Biggest Loser actually lost. Apparently, she lost 60% of her body weight.  The outrage and chastisement seems a bit disingenuous considering that the premise of the show is for people to lose weight and a winner is declared based who lost the most weight.

Bobsled Kicker.   Bet you didn’t know that members of the bobsled team are fit enough to kick down doors. Over in Sochi, a US bobsled competitor got locked in his hotel bathroom.   He had no way out whatsoever. He did the next logical thing.  He kicked a big hole in the door in order to get out.   Wonder if he will get his hotel deposit now?  I am wondering what that door was made of.  Sometimes you just have to shake your head at new construction these days.

Upper Deckers.  The Sochi Olympics sure are providing much fodder for many looking for a laugh. In the bathrooms there are signs that certain things are prohibited in the bathrooms. That is quite normal.Every place has set bathroom norms. .  In Sochi, fishing and upper deckers are disallowed in the bathrooms.   I must admit I had no idea that there are places where fishing is allowed in bathrooms. As for upper deckers-I am still unclear as to what that is even after watching the Morning Joe segment on it. Apparently, it is something done in fraternity houses as well.   I didn’t attend a college that had frat houses. Thus, I remain clueless as to what upper deckers are and why they are disallowed in the Olympic Village. I do wonder if one day an upper decker will be an Olympic sport.

California Cops.  There was a big fire in Chula Vista. California. Firefighters responded. Police responded. Then a cop arrested and handcuffed a firefighter after firefighter didn’t move his truck at the request of the cop.   All in a day’s work, for sure.   It’s great to know that the relationships between cops and firefighters were actually accurately depicted in the TV show Rescue Me.

House, MD.   Many of believed that the department of Differential Diagnostics on the television show House was a bit far-fetched.  Most of us believed that those medical cases were a bit out there and super complicated for dramatic purposes. Well,  a German man who had been suffering from numerous ailments that doctors were mystified by went a medical center for undiagnosed illnesses. He attending physician had watched the show House and seen a similar case and went on to diagnose him within five minutes. Both the German man and the House episode patient had suffered from cobalt poisoning from a hip joint replacement.  Wow. I am really going to start taking notes now when I watch television, especially when I watch the Walking Dead.   Hey, you never know.

Chobani Yogurt.  In case you didn’t know, Greek yogurt is all the current rage in the US.  We are so into Greek Yogurt that the US Olympic team is demanding that their Chobani Yogurt be allowed into Sochi. Apparently Russia has issues with US dairy standards.  The yogurt is currently being stored in New Jersey.  Honestly, I don’t know what to make of all that.  I know there is a good joke in this story somewhere…..

Another creepy inappropriate selfie.    I don’t believe that inappropriate selfies are really news items anymore.  We have seen super happy selfies at funerals and other tragic events.   This time, an Alabama high school girl was on a school trip to a local University’s biology department where they got to see cadavers.  They were instructed to demonstrate respect towards those that had donated their bodies to research. Of course, saying such a thing to a group of high schooler’s is like saying “don’t scream when Justin Bieber shows up” or telling Kanye that he should be respectful at award shows when people are giving their acceptance speeches.  Of course, one of the girls took a selfie with a cadaver and posted it on Instagram.   Note to teachers:  rig the cadavers next time so that it does something inappropriate in return.

Big Banks.  We all have gripes with big banks these days especially after the big bank bailout.  We bail the banks out and they call their customers derogatory names. Sounds like a good deal for the American public.   A San Francisco woman received a credit card offer from Bank of America, referring to her as “Lisa is a slut McIntire.”   I am not too sure Big Banks have the moral authority to be so judgmental.

Tim Armstrong and Distressed Babies:  Tim Armstrong is the CEO of AOL – a company that while labeled as an aging dinosaur did very well last year financially. Very well.  Despite doing so well, AOL decided to cut 401K benefits for its employees without any real rhyme or reason. CEO Tim Armstrong decided to blame those benefit cuts  on two workers (females specifically) who had very difficult births costing the company money.  Saving the lives of two distressed babies apparently meant that everyone had to lose something. The irony, AOL was touted as a good place for women employees.  On to the next story.

Happy Pig.    In the state of Main, there were wild horrific loud screams. Neighbors were scared. Police were called in fearing the worse. They ran into the house. Once in the house they found no violent scene. They found a happy male pig with five sows in heat. Makes me think of Babe in a whole  new way.  What was it that he would squeal :

Baa-ram-ewe! Baa-ram-ewe! To your breed, your fleece, your clan be true!

Until next week.

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  1. So House was accurate in his diagnosis! I remember when we used to learn tricks from MacGuyver (but that’s because I’m old)!


  2. Hi, I found your blog through Lita Doolan’s Liebster Award list. I’m ashamed to tell you that I know what an upper decker is. Someone did it to a toilet at my brother’s gym. It’s when a person goes in the tank rather than the bowl. Yuck! Sorry that this explanation is your first impression of me! A very funny post and nice blog!


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