mental health

Dying for Love

I love life with all of my being
The years have been a complex hard-fought journey
Yet my calcified bones have found a zest for living

But you make me want to die
In that moment of fierce hatred
I feel wounded, empty, and alone like a punctured sty

In that moment of your tongued-attack of bitter lies
In which you lob your spears of bile
I want to die

The floor is cold and hard to the touch
The faucet drip can’t shield me from your terror
I wish I could stow away in a red-carpet golden clutch

The soul can only be needled with so much venom
I know your ghosts should not be mine
And your poisoned coffee is not my swill

I want to embrace the moment
Find a new kinetic charge
I want to live

Dying for love
Should have a different meaning
And so I’m taking it back

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