Pad these Walls and Blast Some Music

Another Monday morning is here.  The winter chill is starting to creep in. And pirates off the coast of Africa are being subjected to Britney Spears’ music; which apparently is serving as a deterrent.  Blasting music to annoy others is nothing new. I remember when I lived in Berkeley, where apartment buildings are so shoddily constructed that you can clearly hear your downstairs neighbor’s bathrooms activities, I used certain music to get back at my inconsiderate neighbors. I suppose I could have a career as a CIA interrogator. I actually even like some of Eminem’s music which has in the past been used at international prisons to get detainee’s to divulge information leading to many of them losing their minds. Specifically, they used the “real slim shady” for 20 days non-stop. I would have been fine with that. However, I would have gone bonkers if I were subjected to the Barney and Friends  song  “I Love You.”  Apparently, some psychologists came up with that torture ritual. Thanks a lot, fellow psych people.  That is totally uncool.

Considering that at times the workplace can be an environment of psychological torture from being subjected to mind-boggling HR problems, fame seekers and narcissists who don’t even recognize how into themselves they are to having to put out fires that were set internally, “torture” by music would be welcomed in some cases.

I have joked in the past that my office walls should be padded so that I can safely bang my head against the wall in between my countless meetings. So, here is hoping that my walls get padded someday and that the following music, so appropriate for the modern workplace, are played for me. Let’s leave the Barney songs for some other place and time. Or rather yet, let’s never play that song again. Here are some tunes for the workplace.

1.Applause by Lady Gaga.  Why not. This song speaks to all the fame seekers and those supremely concerned with me, me, me.


2. Bezerk by Eminem.  As he notes “We’re gonna rock this house until we knock it down
So turn the volume loud, cause it’s mayhem ’til the a.m.”  Why not!


3. I can’t Hear You by The Dead Weather.  Not a widely known band, but this song comes in handy from time to time. That’s right silly people: I can’t hear you.


4. Interesting Drug by Morrissey. I’m a diehard Smiths Fan but that love didn’t necessarily translate to a love for Morrissey as a solo artist. But I love this song on a Monday morning. Because enough is too much! …and look around …


5. Jesus for the Jugular by The Veils.  The base, the beat just pumps you up in an unbelievable way. The lytic of “How do you preach the word if you don’t know how to read…They hold your soul once you sign the deed” is so spot on.


So pad these walls and blast me some music to get through the day.  Although, I do have to think about Justin’s new “Bad Day” album. How bad of a day can he really ever have? But I can take some Britney.  Glorious Monday!

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  1. Polka: the best choice for musically torturing me.

    With your choices in my office suite (former barracks), those choices would get you a kind of padding as several of your neighbors (with VERY sedate tastes) found excuses to work at home or in a collaborators office. I’d stick around with headphones and a twitchy startle reflex.


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