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Healing is messy

Ups and downs The world is sideways Mind aches Feverish tongue Super salty tears Words jumbled Words mumbled Words unheard Words unspoken Brittle bones Brittle nails Bitter tastes Fuzzy sight Fuzzy recollections Anger Sorrow Guilt Brashness Hunger

The words of a charlatan

Overenthused Over-complimentary Opaque 1,000 words a minute Unremarkable, yet fantastic Punctuated in all the wrong places Randomly set Just between us Honestly, honestly Like a butterfly song Flitter and flutter You want to believe because its so pretty But don’t turn your brain off Don’t be fleeced of […]

Our house is burning

The ashes are reigning Sprinkled in the cupcakes Salty, crisp, and hot Where did the love go Using hateful words Don’t be afraid of these moments of clarity It’s not a silly moment A fire can light up the sky A fire can just burn everything down to […]