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Of course you are!

Of course you are Upset Frustrated Angry Tired Annoyed Incredulous Frightened Weary Worried Unsure Beaten-down Enraged Aggrieved Disappointed Anxious Conflicted Alarmed Antagonized In need of a real answer Waiting for the other shoe to drop Sickened by it all But what are you going to do about it?

Black rain strikes again

    You are in a lot of pain right now. Your body aches from your own inflicted wounds. Black rain strikes again. Your ego now hurts from your paranoia. Your mind now throbs from being outsmarted. Black rain strikes again. Your laugh hurts from your wicked strikes. […]

Toodles, dear person X

For a few seconds on a saturday night I was ecstatic at the thought of you Happy that I had forgotten your name Your face still brings anger Your venom still poisons But your name, your name Is no longer powerful You name is a memory gone And […]