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It’s been six months

It’s been six months Six months ago exactly I left my beloved New York for the west coast. I set off on my third try at living in California. Does the old adage of third time is a charm hold for this adventure?  Considering that I gave up […]

He is all but a whim

He is everywhere Every room carries his spirit Blindly reaching through the air Fingering his signature There was life before him It existed but not readily remembered He is everything And I nothing, without him With him, there is no despair His love,  a runny spigot Feel the […]

What am I?

I’m odd and fuzzy Curly and straight Tired yet energized Skeptical but filled with faith Even-keeled and erratic Swimming yet still Ocean deep bobbing at the surface On display while hidden   Do you know who I am? Junniper Jasmine Jasione Jasper

A hand on my shoulder

A hand on my shoulder My mom believed deeply, heavily in symbols. Everything had an extra layer of meaning Nothing was quite what it appeared to be. A fork falling to the ground meant a man was coming by; forget that I am extremely clumsy. A cloudy sky […]