My little boy , the mayor, inspires me everyday

My little boy inspires me everyday

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Inspiration can come from mentors, from parents and from philanthropists, to name a few.  My daily inspiration comes from my six year old son.  He is silly, goofy and sweet. He is super sweet, sickly sweet, despite the fact that I stopped eating sweets the second I found out I was pregnant.  As we prepared to move cross country, he noted he was not afraid and that we shouldn’t worry for he would make friends.  I was shy at his age, although, I readily performed on a stage. He goes into a playground and he doesn’t hesitate and doesn’t look back.  He just dives right in and talks to everyone. I wish I could bottle up his essence and pour it on.

He is also forgiving. Despite other kids being mean to him, he forgives and tries again. Eventually, we, as parents intervene, to separate him from the mean ones. Yet, he finds his way back to them and gives it one more try. I try to not hate anyone. hate is an ugly emotion that just serves to screw one up. I hope he will be also not hate. It appears that he is on his way towards that perspective.

He also cracks himself up. Have you ever seen anything cuter than a little kid just laughing from deep in the belly. I love a hearty laugh.  He also holds my hand when I am sad and whispers to me that things will be ok. He advises me on how things can be simpler. If I hate my job, he tells me to leave it.

He has helped me be a better person and at the end of the day that is inspiring.

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