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It’s been six months

It’s been six months

Six months ago exactly I left my beloved New York for the west coast. I set off on my third try at living in California. Does the old adage of third time is a charm hold for this adventure?  Considering that I gave up a lot and spent much energy to make this happen, third time has to be the charm.

It has been six months of getting re-acclimated to a slower pace of walking, waiting at the cross walk even when no cars are around and sitting around in no air-conditioned rooms.  I am also enjoying having the beach (although not great) a seven minute car ride away. I am enjoying enjoying fresh fruit in abundance and great Mexican food.

I do miss Caribbean food, I suppose I can’t have everything.

What the next six months hold, I have absolutely no idea. I do know however, that although I am a die-hard New Yorker, I am going to make the most of being in California. This time can only be the third-time charm if indeed I give it my all and embrace my new circumstances. No more dwelling on the greatness of New York. No more noting that New York is actually a lower cost of living than California. There is not much I can do about that other than trying to get a better paying job (I am working on that). No more dreaming of the four seasons out east. I will take four variations on warm.

Indeed, it’s been six months of a drought and a creamy, rocky landscape as a result. I shall embrace this landscape and forge ahead. At the end of the day, a seven minute drive to the beach, with a view of the grand ocean, is really nothing to lament.


2015-08-02 11.39.39

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  1. After this past winter, I could care less about the 4 seasons! I live in MA and I’m getting a bit short with snowfall. It looks like SF is an amazing place, albeit completely different from the Northeast.


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