Category: supernatural

I was roadkill

  I was roadkill Left to rot I was roadkill Then I was not I was disconnected from life Others ignoring the lifeless bodies on the roads I was destined for more But then I was roadkill Rumble strips and salt licks No refuge or shelter I was roadkill Left […]

Magical realism in a coffee cup

  The bakery called to her after her strenuous morning workout. She went to have coffee surrounded by others so that she wouldn’t cry causing the heavily-sugared coffee to bubble.  She sat with her croissant and latte dreaming of what was next. Around-the-world sailing? She couldn’t swim, though. […]

Gathering the pieces of you

Broken mirrors you feared Supposed seven years of bad luck Born with shards for a life path No escaping the mirrored fate Despite the shards, you lived Despite the shards, you gave Broken mirrors, fractured self Saw a monster watching in the dark didn’t run but didn’t stare […]