Adding items to the to-do list after the fact

At this point in our rapidly moving world, i do not know many people that do not keep or create to-do lists. I have my daily, as well as weekly and yearly to-do lists. They keep me going and on task. They also keep me motivated and severely revved up. Today’s to-do list is at 25 items and it is just 10:30am. As I participate in additional meetings throughout the day, more tasks will surely be added.

One thing a colleague recently noted to me that caused me to chuckle internally was that she often adds items onto her list after the fact. Meaning she adds items that she already had done. I chuckled because I do the same thing. Why not?

When we create our to-do lists these are things we know ahead of time that we need to accomplish in a set amount of time. We can anticipate these actions./ However, when you are constantly in meetings and staff come to you every other second, often in that moment, you accomplish other things. This this list of 25 items I have currently only has one checked off item. It is a huge item, nonetheless it is still just 25. However, I did manage to get some other things done such as sending a thank you note to someone who provided me free legal advise yesterday. Guess what? I just added “send thank you note” to my to-do list. Now I have two things done! check!  We set so many expectations for us, however, many others impose a ton of tasks on us as well. We should take credit mentally for accomplishing those tasks even if they were not originally on our early morning self-set expectations.

What can we do now?

What are we to do when moved?

Add anew, subtract

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  1. I shamelessly end up using my to-do list as a gum wrapper……
    But in any case, I think adding accomplishments is a great idea. At that point, I think the list is better called ‘Have Done Already’ or ‘Not Pre-Meditated, but Hey, It Happened Anyway.’ XD


  2. I don’t like to take the time to compile a to do list, since I now have many more enjoyable things to actually be doing in my life now. I did find them useful, if sometimes an intimidating thorn in my side, when I was working, though.


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