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The harvest moon: A mixture of orange beauty and blue sadness

Today, supposedly, we shall experience a harvest moon. And such a moon can be bright orange and tends to dignal that autumn is coming and it is harvesting time. And, we get to go pick pumpkins and the like. I love the fall season and, as such, I’m not bothered by its appearance. But winter is coming. I find myself asking how did I let the year get away from myself.

I feel like there was so much I had wanted to accomplish this year that I haven’t yet gotten a chance to even try. I could, possibly, call it. Say, I’m done. Yet, the taurus bullheaded aspects of me keep pushing me on. So, there’s hope yet sadness in the rise of the harvest moon.

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  1. I really agree with you, Mimi, and now I’ve spent two days watching the coverage of the death of Queen Elizabeth. Time just goes up in smoke!
    Best wishes,


  2. Harvesting Full Moonlight
    Reaping What is SoWeD

    Signaling Winter
    Death to Come

    As What Is Left Over
    Of ‘The Dead’ Fertilizes
    Winter Frozen Soils For

    Spring Dreams of Green
    to Return With Summer Flower
    Glory Once Again Dear Miriam Yes

    SMiLes i Am Fortunate At 62 i’ve Learned
    How to Bloom Year ‘Round Every Year for the
    Last 9 Years How Far Will i Go True Not Planning

    On Reaching Any Other Destination Other than New
    This Now That is always the Best And Only Now i Co-Create
    Within SMiles With A “Little Help From FRiEnDS” Of Course Hehe

    Yes Yet September For me Back in the Bowling Center Days After i Spent
    A Decade Being the Tennis Boy The Bicycle Boy Then the Running Young
    Man Everywhere Around the Metro area Yes Then the Bowling Alley Guy

    ‘The Norm’ of The One Who Stayed At The Counter Yes Like ‘Ted Danson’ for
    18 Years Listening to Everyone’s Stories of Life With Laser Focus and Rarely

    Anything Back Yet a Nod and A Smile That Said They Were the Most Important
    Person to Listen to At that Moment of Life Anyway Every September i Made
    A Bowling Center Calendar on the Computer And Of Course For One Again

    With Seasonal Affective Disorder Ever Since School Days The Feeling of
    The Death oF LiGHT Was With me So i Always Made the Background

    A Sunset With A Hawk Flying Toward the Horizon i had no Idea then

    it Was Possible to LiVE iN Spring Year ‘Round then of Course

    i Had to Escape From ‘The CaVE’

    And Come Out into the LiGHT

    WiTHiN mY FRiEnd That
    Verily Does Color All

    Spring No Matter
    WHeRe We aRE Eternally
    New Now of Course Ya Gotta Escape
    ‘The Cave First’ And True In This
    One Life Sadly Some Folks Never Do…

    As A Hawk Returns More Than ‘A Poe Raven’ Forevermore Now New…
    Yes It’s Like A Tradition That Seems Like It Will Last Forever Yet New
    i Guess Sort of Like ‘A Queen’ that Most Folks Find As A ‘Norm of Cheers’

    Going Away

    Never Going away at Least for Now…
    Anyway i Escaped Being the Devil Guy
    Trapped in Hell For 66 Months And Now
    ALL There New Is 9 Years So Far Yes of

    Being the Poetry Man Online and the
    Dancing Man Offline True A Great
    Mix of Divine Feminine Poetry
    Introverting As Such And
    Super Extroverted Mixed
    Masculine Ballet and Martial Arts
    Public Dance for 17,153 MiLeS in 9 Years
    Along With All 10.8 MiLLioN Words of “SonG oF mY SoUL”
    Oh Lord That Reminds me of All the Play i Still Have to
    Do to Publish the Last Finished SonG Celebrating the Public Dance

    It’s True to me at Least it Seems When We aRe ALWaYS Celebrating Now

    New All That’s Left to Do

    New Is Spring Green
    And FLoWeRS Again
    Or Perhaps That’s Just
    What Folks in Florida Experience With SMiLes…
    Anyway Just Like The Sun and Moon i Will Return
    Here Again tomorrow in What Seems Like a New York Minute Now…
    Hehe As ‘That Guy who is Always Commenting On Psychologist Mimi’s
    Blog Posts’ True Hehe i Definitely Get Around As ‘The Norm’ of The Day

    The Guy Who
    Just Finds a
    Way to Fit in
    That No One Ever
    Thought Would Before

    Again the Beauty of an Outcast’s Wings

    From the Boy With No Words Until Age 4..

    SMiLes i Heard A Whole Lot of Folks Say i’d
    Never Amount to Anything Just too Strange i Still Do Hear Yet Rarely

    And You Know What i’m Still ‘Nobody’ And i Love Just Killing ‘Time’…

    For It’s True Folks Still Only Describe me For What i Do With SMiles…

    i Never Want a
    ‘Name’ That’s
    How They Even
    Trap ‘God’ And Put
    ‘God’ In PriSon and Tell
    ‘God’ What “Clothes” ‘God’ Has to Wear…

    Hehe As If One Will Reshape Sails into An Anchor…

    Or Trap
    Wind in A Jar…

    Or Trap
    Wind in A Jar…

    Or Trap
    Wind in A Jar…

    As A Crow Crows Thrice..:)


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