My boy, my life: He is me, I am him

Mother’s day is a day of mixed emotions for me. I have the most wonderful son. I’m proud to be his mother. But, I also lost my mom a decade ago and it never stops hurting. I’d love to shop for a gift for her. I’d love to see her open it and smile sheepishly. Her small, gentle nervous smile. To see it again would be a treasure. On this day, I can just honor and praise her. As I have always done.

Then flip the coin.

My beautiful, awesome boy. I love him for him. I love being his mom. I will always love his baby feet. Even as he towers over me and his feet have outgrown mine. He is me. He is from me. He will carry me forward. I am him.

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  1. SMiLes Dear Psychologist Mimi

    Happy Mother’s Day to You

    Such a Gift to Your

    Son Such A Gift
    to Humans In Need
    of Health Care You Are too

    And Such A Gift Your Mother
    Who Brings A Gift of You to Life True..:)


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