Time goes slowly for those who wait

I don’t know whether time has gone quickly or slowly the past two years. It’s all been a bit of a blur. At times it has felt like we are caught in some weird time loop, slow motion sequence. We are running but not getting anywhere. Yet, not exactly running in place.

Other times, it has felt like everything has been sped up and nothing is syncing together. It’s like the actions and movements are ahead of the narrative. We get to “end scene” but didn’t know we were there. We wonder how we got there.

All of today, running in my head is this lyric from a Madonna song “Time goes slowly for those who wait.” Time is playing tricks on us.

Categories: Psychology

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  1. Time is cruising by pretty fast for me. Perhaps because I keep myself busy, even staying up till the wee hours of early morning. And maybe also because of age– and I want to “… slow the circle down…” (from the Circle Song by Joni Mitchell.)

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