Dumpster diving in nyc

Sadly, there are many people who need to dumpster dive in order to survive. They need it for their next meal or to get cans to cash out on. Dumpster diving is a sad situation.

Then you have New York city chic dumpster diving. Year round, but in particular the summer, you can find household gems that are being thrown away. During covid, many people left town and threw away completely new furniture. It was ridiculous.

However, there are now community facebook posts of where one can find good things people are throwing away. Sometimes people lable the items as free, other times they are just piled on with the understanding they are for the taking.

This weekend I managed to score a rolling cart for my laptop and a dining table with two high top chairs. I left two chairs behind. I asked my 12 year old son for help to grab these items from the refuse room. He squinted and had no idea what I was talking about. Then as he helped he totally got into the “score” we just landed. He then asked me if this was what is referred to as dumpster diving. I laughed and I said this was NYC high rise building dumpster diving. What an odd world!

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  1. You certainly did score well! Where I used to live, we just put items on the sidewalk and they found a good home within an hour or less. It was terrific, and saved trips to the Goodwill!


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