Irredeemable people: Delivery stealers

Back last year when the pandemic was starting to take root in people’s consciousness, there was a run on toilet paper. People were buying up even odder things in large quantities. I placed an order on toilet paper. I still have enough for another year. But that is besides the point. One of my toilet paper orders was stolen by someone. Presumably a neighbor as I live in a high-rise and packages are scanned in and stored.

Anyway, I didn’t fret. I reported the loss to Amazon and eventually I received a replacement. Whoever took my toilet paper may have needed ot more urgently than me. Such is life.

Fast forward to this week.

My son wanted a particular meal from a restaurant that delivers. We specifically use GrubHub. So, the order is placed and it seems to be running late. Then, it notes that it was delivered. It was not. At least not to us. Apparently, the driver delivered to the house across the street to our neighbor’s house. And, apparently they accepted the delivery. And, apparently they ate it.

No shame. I want to leave them a note as to whether stolen food is tastier but what would be the point. Shameless people probably further relish tne tastiness of the food. I just hope they never need an egg ftom us

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  1. Oh Lord Neighbors Stealing
    Grub Hub Meals And
    Amazon Delivered
    Toilet Paper in
    New York
    High Rise
    Living Hmm
    While It’s True
    Everyone Hehe
    Even My Sister
    Has A Gun Collection
    In My Neighborhood
    After A Hurricane They
    Said Anything We Have
    You Need is Ours Later





    We Were the
    Only Democrats
    In The Neighborhood

    The Waves Hi Went



    Roses And
    Guns And
    Cold Fingers
    Holding Back Love

    i Still Wave



    Is Still
    Loaded With

    Bullets For Real
    No Faux News Limits

    No Bowing or Kneeling🚽

    When Lions of Love Stand Tall🦁

    Omg That’s


    For A Toilet

    Would Have

    Never Guessed…🏝


  2. We have a fairly despicable next door neighbour who waited until we went on holidays and butchered the trees along our side of the mutual fence. A score had to be settled.

    I did not actually have a shortage of toilet paper but when all the supermarkets ran out I hatched a plan to ask him if I could borrow a roll knowing he would not want to give me one but it was great to watch him squirm and cave in under the shameful look on his wife’s face.

    At the last minute he decided he didn’t have enough to do the neighbourly thing and give any away.

    So I waited a two days and took a couple of rolls next door saying I was lucky enough to find some. Hmm the smell of humble pie.

    So that was 2 nil to me. Three nil if you consider that I gave him some shiny cheap stuff that doesn’t work very effectively, knowing he’s too cheap to throw it out.

    Or three to one if you count the trees.

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  3. Some people likely wonder why they are not blessed like other people. But God doesn’t honor thrives. Sad to hear that some people are so low in character that they’d eat someone else’s dinner.


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