A Christmas gift many years ago: Happy birthday sister

It is my sister’s birthday. Amusingly, she celebrates her birthday starting December 1st. She is definitely one of those who believes in the concept of a birthday month. I suppose I do something similar in that my birthday falls in May and I get to celebrate mother’s day and memorial day as well. Mine is a celebratory month. And, the same holds true for my sister whose birthday falls days right before Christmas. However, she does tend to feel shortchanged and hence the whole month celebration. I’m amused.

While amused I am also nostalgic as I remember how as a kid I wrote a letter to Santa Claus (via a radio station) asking for a sister. That letter to Santa actually won me a $25 Toys R Us gift certificate and soon after my sister was born. A double win.

A birthday is always to be celebrated and reflected upon. Or so I believe. Gratitude and love. Birthdays signal presence, life, and realignment with the universe.

Happy birthday month and happy birthday day.

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  1. A touching story! I have a younger sister who is a double-bonus too! Best wishes for the season of sweet remembrance and the New Year round the corner!


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