Coronovirus lingo: Coronacoaster

Every once in a while, I check out the urban dictionary to see what new phrases are coming into our world. I also look at Twitter trends to get a grasp of what’s the new vocabulary, no matter how fleeting. I like being in the know. I even make up words myself and look to see if they catch on. I’ve done it quite frequently in the workplace. It’s a fun work hobby.

Right now, however, we are all speaking a hew vernacular. We all have new words taking over our lives. One word that caught my eye – or rather my ear- is that of coronacoaster. Most obviously we are all in an emotional rollercoaster. Just the other day, I mentioned to a colleague that we are on a roller-coaster running in the midst of a tsunami. We are being shaken side to side and up and down. There are major up and downs to our mood. And, I’m not too sure one can ever really get used to this coronacoaster.

One new funny phrase is all too true. There’s a new phrase “the elephant in the zoom” which refers to those things that may be occuring in the background that makes video participants feel a tad bit uncomfortable. I have withessed way too many such moments. It amazes me that over four months into this pandemic people are still not self-aware during these video conferences.

As this pandemic continues we shall see how many new words and phrases emerge. Going forward the coronials will probably add further to the dictionary as they grow up and reframe our collective space.

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  1. I just recently encountered coronacoaster for the first time,and I was struck, by how well it conveys the careening cacophony of time.
    It will be interesting to see if this Zoom culture causes a genetic shift, allowing humans to see out of the back of their heads as well. 😊


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