Wanderlust is a beautiful thing

Where to go, where to go? We are still deep in winter, but summer dreaming is taking a vivid, tight hold. I want to taste key lime on a hot summer beach. I want to sip a Mai Tai while a cool summer breeze sweeps on through. I want to hear my son laughing while he splashes in the pool.

The question is where can we go? So many grand options. So many mini options. Wanderlust is a beautiful thing. Dreaming of travel can provide many happy places to which to escape in the middle of tediousness and chaos.

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  1. SMiLes.. Three Feet Takes
    me ‘Beyond Infinity’ In
    Autotelic Flow instantly
    Now But True it took
    Public Dancing A
    Distance Halfway
    ‘Round the World
    In Bio-Feedback
    To achieve
    Within by only
    Slowly raising
    One Arm
    In deed
    An Everlasting
    New Beach the
    Sun always Shines
    HeaR 👂 With
    Of SMiLes😁


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