And all through the house a squealing boy and a squeaking dog could be heard: Merry Christmas

I love Christmas. Unabashedly. I love this day in part because I get to see joy on the faces of others. And, that in turn warms my stomach and makes my heart beat with joy.

Right now my son is playing his new harmonica nonstop. Luckily, I have noise-canceling headphones. Just kidding. Well, I do have them but I’m not wearing them. The squealing and noise is all part of the day.

I remember when my son was able to process Christmas a bit more and he stood in wonder before his grand gifts. That look of awe and wonder still sits with me. I occasionally turn to that image when I need my spirits lifted. And, I do believe that the sound of him playing the harmonica and his giggles will help give me a mental boost in the future.

Meanwhile my dog is squeaking away, killing his new toy. Winston wasn’t too sure how (or why) to rip up the wrapping paper. But once we tore into it for him he was ecstatic.

A happy son. A happy dog. Even the turtle is happy as he hears all the laughter. Joy. That was my word for the year. That is my word for the day.

To all who celebrate Merry Christmas. May you enjoy love and warmth on this day.

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  1. Joy The Word Now That/Who Dances Sings Happy
    Gratitude And Love For Existence in one
    Three Letter Word i suggest We Change
    The ‘Name of God’ to Joy And Worship
    Joy As
    Always NoW As
    A Happy New Year!
    Forever Eternally Now!
    Only as far away as Love!
    That is Happy In Gratitude for ALL!


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