My curls grew out in Puerto Rico

For a period of about five years or so, I subjected my hair to Japanese straightening. Lots of chemicals to make my super curly hair straight for about four months at a time. I loved it. Rrally loved it. But I got tired of all the chemicals. I also didn’t have access to my longstanding New York hairstylist. I didn’t want to trust another. I’m very peculiar that way. I also couldn’t find another. Thus, I let my curls come back in. Slowly. Really slowly. Not of my own doing. And, I hadn’t expected that slow curl return. And, the uneven curl return. And, that has vexxed me. A lot.

My hair, in it’s slow return to its curl state, has presented itself in very tight curls. And, when the curls are tight the hair appears short. My hair needs to be weighed down so thst it may grow out. And, my recent trip to Puerto Rico helped weigh my hair down. And, that was to be expected. Yet, was a surprise.

The extreme humidity in Puerto Rico helped make my hair “poofy”. My hair got volume and got big in a good curly way. People noted how cool my hair looked. I still need to be sold on going back to my natural state of curls. But I can be convinced with more frequent trips to warm, beach areas. I am willing to take the humid heat for my hair. What we do for fashion.

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  2. I should have your problem … for years, long before a child should because my mother was a hair stylist, I had perms and every effort was made to ensure my straight-as-string hair became curly. At one point in my life I wanted it long and straight, as it grew naturally. Nope. Mom said short and curly. Now it doesn’t seem to make any difference as one of the things lost to me in my advancing years is the hair upon my head.


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