I don’t need a “you’re welcome”

I have a pet peeves list that I occasionally check. Of course said list is a list kept in my memory bank. And, here in the social media world. In a world where we get a minimum of 100 emails a day, they need to each mean something. If there are empty emails in that daily count minutes may be lost. Additional clicks to be made. Carpel tunnel to ensue.

What do I mean by empty emails? You know very well what those are. Someone sends an email to a group of staff with a project update. Someone, maybe yourself, says thank you and a few additional words. Then, a group email comes back in with the following words “you’re welcome.” I suppose one can argue that Ms Manners would state that it is proper etiquette to acknowledge the “thank you” with a “you’re welcome”. But is it truly proper etiquette to do so in the year 2019?

I personally don’t need a “you’re welcome”. Especially when 20 people are in the group email. And, especially when that is all you are saying. Lastly, especially when my inbox is already too full of unread emails. I don’t want to stay up all night going thtough and deleting so many empty emails.

I suppose I sound a bit of a curmudgeon. I suppose those sending said emails are only doing so to be polite. I suppose there are worse things in life. But a pet peeve is just that. A peeve and it’s usually about inconsequential things. But I think we can update our rules of thumb and Ms. Manner’s guidelines. Right?!

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  1. One of my pet peeves are people who text using abbreviated words, like C U later. I hate that! Or even just the letter “U” when asking how are you? Irritating as hell! So I get your annoyance, too.

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  2. First thing I do when I open my email is go down the list throwing out everything that is trying to sell me something or get me to try something free (just pay shipping and handling). I don’t even open them. Just check and delete. This morning I threw away over 100 emails that I didn’t even think about except that they were junk mail. Makes email chores much easier.

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  3. I get paranoid when people say ‘Good job’ or ‘Well done, I really notice what you do around here’ as my reverse engineered brain assumes I’ve been doing it wrong all these years until then!
    Give me a comment like “Keep it up, and get that corner there if you could” and I feel better?!

    My comment to acknowledge a co-workers sickness was “you’re a week late, but I’ll let you off” and when I was accused of not showing my support I pointed out clearly “I let her off for been a week late” in humorous tones (and I did send a text) and the person in question knows what I meant so all good

    So I’m not sure how this fits in but…
    You’re welcome?!

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