Hanging up now

My son is one of the silliest, goofiest being out there. And I love him for it. Well, I love it just because he exists. Then I love him because he is lovable and loving. Then I love him for being goofy. Nothing better than my boy’s warmth, smile, and love.  But back to goofiness.


I was watching some sappy (wanna-be Hallmark) movie the other day. There were two people who while talking to each other on the phone kept  saying “no, you hang up. No you.” And so on. You know how those scripts go. But while I was watching this movie -which for the life of me I cannot remember its name-I thought of my son and chuckled.


When he and I talk on the phone, we usually video chat. Our conversations aren’t hours-long but long enough to get a sense of how his day has been.  What makes me chuckle is that he is the total opposite of those sappy, “no you hang up” characters.  When the conversation has more of less finished he smiles at me and tells me he loves me and then says “Ok. I’m hanging up now. Bye.” And, he does so. And, it makes me laugh and giggle,. Now, he does it to make me laugh because he knows that oddly it makes me happy.   But when he first started doing that, he did so because someone had to end the conversation and he was ok doing it and being transparent about it. You have to love the honesty in the actions of children.


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